5 star review  Great buffet style place for lunch. Located inside a temple and offers indoor and outdoor seating. All veggie options are flavorful and good enough for a meat eater to be satisfied.

    thumb jafar a

    5 star review  The guys here are so nice it's a beautiful restaurant and it's just so clean and excellent and everything here is really wonderful I am going to come back again and again the vegan options are amazing. And they have offers for half price off meals if you give them your phone number and sign up for the membership club it's just and really great value. and on top of that because they were so nice and I was such a handsome customer it must be the guy even gave me a free to go ginger drink and the ginger is so flavorful without being bitter ladies and gentlemen let me tell you what you know I know this stuff very well and what I can say is you have to come back and try that ginger drink this sweet without being bitter or overbearing come on down folks what are you waiting for?!?!

    thumb Frankie Mo. HD

    5 star review  I have to say, I am not vegan, or even vegetarian so having Thanksgiving dinner here was not high on my bucket list yet it was such a wonderful experience I wouldn't have missed it for the world. The restaurant is located inside the Hara Krishna temple facility which I watched being built for what seemed like two decades. The grounds are absolutely beautiful, and the landscaping is gorgeous, you almost feel instantly at peace with mother earth, and nature, upon entering the gates and the feelings of peace and serenity are abundant. The restaurant was cafeteria style with the kitchen in open view right behind the serving line and I must say grandma only wished her kitchen was that clean on Thanksgiving day. The mustard vinaigrette salad dressing was unexpectedly amazing, and how it is they made that vegan cream gravy so incredibly good is mind boggling. I pride myself on making great gravy from scratch and this one put mine to shame, it left me speechless as to how they could achieve such a delicious white cream gravy with no meat or dairy product in it!?!? They had table service for the typically self serve drink station yet due to the pandemic they had ample staff, all of whom were in mask and clean gloves, and very friendly. They do not offer sodas, which was a refreshing idea in itself. They do however make a homemade ginger mint lemonade which will make you want to "kiss the chef" who came up with this incredibly simple, yet perfected, and mastered recipe. It was by far the best lemonade I have ever had. The entire experience was delightful and I look forward to returning there on a more regular basis in the future so if you're looking for a new experience I highly recommend Govindas!

    thumb Ryan Parkinson




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